Prime Minister of India visiting Canada


Published: 13Apr2015

Narendra Modi’s 3 day visit to Canada begins tomorrow


McGill Expert

Narendra Subramanian

Associate Professor of Political Science

narendra.subramanian [at]

514-398-4400/ Extension 094400

French & English

 Research interests

  • Comparative Politics
  • Identity Politics (Nationalism, Ethnicity, Religion, Gender, Race)
  • State-Formation, Citizenship and Law
  • Political Parties and Social Movements
  • Institutions, Public Culture and Democracy
  • Political Rights and Socio-Economic Inequality
  • South Asian Politics


Interviews in La Presse article, 04/14/15

T.V. Paul

Professor of International Relations PhD, UCLA

Research interests

  • International Security
  • India/Rising Powers
  • International Relations Theory
  • Regional Security
  • Comparative Politics (South Asia)

Email: t.paul [at]


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