Pope Francis calls for action on climate change


Pope Francis is calling on the world to redefine the “notion of progress” and embrace an all-out effort to combat climate change, according to a Globe and Mail article. In a encyclical, the Pope endorsed the scientific consensus that humankind is causing a dramatic shift in the world’s climate which will have the greatest impact on the world’s poor. (Source)

“Francis isn't content merely to repeat the tropes of the environmentalists, though many of those tropes are present. Rather he goes to the heart of the human condition that underlies both our environmental problems and the problem of poverty.  This encyclical will both please and provoke the environmentalist elites. And there's plenty in it for the ordinary person to ponder, too, even if he or she is somewhat skeptical of popular claims about global warming. Laudato si displays Pope Francis' penchant for combining encouragement with pointed rebukes.”
– Douglas Farrow, professor at McGill University

Expert: Douglas Farrow, professor of Christian Thought, Faculty of Religious Studies, Kennedy Smith Chair in Catholic Studies, Faculty of Arts, McGill University.
Expertise: Project Director for Pluralism, Religion & Public Policy, he specializes in Ethics and the study of Politics and Religion.
Contact: douglas [dot] farrow [at] mcgill [dot] ca. Prof. Farrow answers in English.

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