Millions still suffer while diseases go untreated


McGill hosts 2006 International Health Conference on Neglected Diseases

Leprosy. Malaria. Tuberculosis. Most of us regard such diseases as scourges from the past, as tragedies conquered by modern medicine. But to millions in the developing world they are an ongoing plight that is routinely overlooked by the world medical community.

This issue of neglected diseases will be addressed by students, researchers and clinicians in a conference to be held at McGill University from March 24–26 at 3650 McTavish Street. The 2006 International Health Conference on Neglected Diseases will feature distinguished doctors from around the world, who will speak about forgotten illnesses and why they are overlooked.

"It's a very topical issue as there has been much emphasis placed on HIV and diseases that affect developed countries, but now it's become apparent that there's a lack of funding and research for diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis," says conference director Mikael Katz-Lavigne.

Discussions will cover everything from the ethics and politics of drug pricing to medical breakthroughs in fighting neglected diseases such as leishmaniasis and leprosy. The conference will provide an opportunity for students to meet leading medical researchers and to become more conscious of health issues in the developing world.

The 2006 Conference on Neglected Diseases is being hosted by the McGill International Health Initiative (MIHI), a student group dedicated to pursuing global health equality through lectures, conferences and activism. To learn more about MIHI or to see a full description of the conference, go to the MIHI website or call 514-962-5556.

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