McGill statement on proposed charter of values


Published: 17Sep2013

“The University must remain a place for the free and full exchange of ideas. The proposal to prohibit our professors and staff from wearing visible religious symbols runs contrary to our principles. The wearing of such symbols in no way interferes with the religious and political neutrality of McGill as an institution. All the members of the University community with whom I have spoken on this issue are clearly worried about the proposal, and would like to see it withdrawn,” said Prof. Fortier.

“Over the years, McGill has put in place a variety of policies and services aimed not only at respecting but at actively promoting cultural diversity, both in the recruitment of its students and in the hiring of staff and faculty members. The diversity of our community contributes to the richness of daily life on our campuses for both students and employees,” added Prof. Fortier. “We are committed to promoting a climate of tolerance on campus which will allow all of students, faculty and staff to flourish in their pursuits.”

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