McGill expert: ISIS and sexual slavery


Published: 30Oct2014

ISIS has kidnapped an estimated 4,000 Iraqi girls and women from Yazidi and other minority groups for the purpose of selling them to locals or donating them to loyal jihadists. Sadly this is not unique -- traces of sexual slavery are still evident in various parts of the world, despite legislation prohibiting it -- but these crimes are being committed on an extraordinary scale by ISIS. While these barbaric rapists are fulfilling their sexual perversions the world is silently watching. Instead, the international community must work to free the Iraqi women and bring accountability to the chronically neglected issue of the victimization of women in wars.

McGill expert: Prof. Vrinda Narain, Faculty of Law and the Institute for Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies (IGSF)

Expertise: religious freedom, gender equality and group rights,

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