McGill expert: Christians in Islamic states


Published: 7Aug2014

''Iraq's largest Christian city was all but abandoned on Thursday as the jihadist advance through minority communities in the country's north-west rampaged towards the Kurdish stronghold of Erbil. UN officials said an estimated 200,000 new refugees were seeking sanctuary in the Kurdish north from Islamic extremists who had pursued them since the weekend. The city of Qaraqosh, south-east of Mosul, home to around 50,000 Christians was the latest to fall, with most residents fleeing before dawn as convoys of extremists drew near.''

McGill expert

Douglas Farrow - Faculty of Religious Studies

Expertise: Prof. Farrow can comment on the situation of Christians in Iraq.

douglas.farrow [at] (Email)

Rex Brynen - Department of Political Science

Expertise: Middle East politics

rex.brynen [at] (Email)

Source: Iraq's largest Christian town abandoned as Isis advance continues

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