How did the Canadiens win 7 in a row?


Published: 21Oct2015

The Montreal Canadiens won seven games in a row to open the 2015-2016 season. "They went unbeaten (7-0-1) in eight games to start the 1961-62 campaign and have a chance to match that when they play the Sabres in Buffalo on Friday night", according to The Canadian Press. (Source) Gordon Bloom, sport psychologist and professor at McGill, is available to comment on players psychology.

"The Canadiens have had an excellent start to the season and appeared focused and very much in sync with one another, which is likely attributed to good coaching and a strong athlete leadership core."
- Gordon Bloom

Gordon Bloom, Associate Professor of Sport Psychology at McGill University
Expertise: He is currently director of the McGill Sport Psychology Research Laboratory which focuses on applied and theoretical research in sport, physical activity, and health promotion.
Contact: gordon.bloom [at] He answers in English.

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