Experts: US Presidential Inauguration (Jan. 20, 2017)

Published: 22 December 2016
These McGill University experts are available to comment on the US presidential inauguration of Donald Trump:

Jacob Levy, Dept. of Political Science, McGill University

Jacob Levy is one of the world’s leading libertarian political theorists. He's most interested in the US constitution, civil liberties, federalism, identity and ethnic politics, immigration, the separation of powers, populism and nationalism, religious freedom, freedom of association, threats to liberal democracy, and truth in politics. 

jtlevy [at] (English)

Harold Waller, Dept. of Political Science, McGill University

He can speak about all aspects of the conventions and the election campaign. Particular themes involve electoral strategy, the significance of the vice-presidential choices, the characters of the two presidential candidates, and comparisons to previous presidential contests.

Harold.Waller [at] (514) 398-6435. (English)

Barry Eidlin, Dept. of Sociology, McGill University

He’s most interested in talking about the ways in which the election reflects frustration with growing income inequality, the role of class in shaping the electoral race, and how the race is reflecting tension within the party system, and could lead to re-structuring of the Democratic and Republican Party coalitions.

Barry.Eidlin [at] (English, French)

Gil Troy, Dept. of History, McGill University

U.S. politics, modern U.S. political history, presidential campaigns and candidates.

Gil.Troy [at] (English)

Rex Brynen, Dept. of Political Science, McGill University

Expert in Middle East politics and the Arab-Israeli peace process. He’s also interested in regional conflict, security and development in the Middle East, and in authoritarianism and democratization in the Arab world.

rex.brynen [at] (English)


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