Experts recommend changes to Quebec family laws

Quebec's family law regime should be reformed to better reflect the reality of increased common-law marriages and children born under such unions in the province, a government-mandated committee reported Monday.
Published: 10 June 2015

The group released a 600-page report with 82 recommendations that call for sweeping reforms to the current set of laws for unmarried couples. Among them is a mandatory parental regime which would set out obligations towards children born during a common-law union as well as between parents following a split -- to a certain point.The report suggests that a parent at an economic disadvantage due to the end of a relationship would have the right to claim compensation for time spent taking care of children instead of pursuing a career.

McGill expert: Robert Leckey, Faculty of Law (English, French)
Expertise: constitutional law, family law, and comparative law. Ongoing research interests include the regulation of adult conjugality, relations between parents and children, and the relationship between public and private regulation of intimacy.

Breakfast Television interview with Prof. Leckey, June 10. 2015:

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