Experts: Black History Month

Published: 1 February 2023

During Black History Month, Canadians celebrate the many achievements and contributions of Black Canadians and their communities who, throughout history, have done so much to make Canada a culturally diverse, compassionate, and prosperous country. (Government of Canada

Here are some experts from McGill University who can comment on this topic: 

Alan Dunyo Avorgbedor, Assistant Professor, Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture 

“Black History Month is an opportunity to reflect on, renew, and honor substantive engagements with the indomitable character and expression of Black life in all of its vibrant valency. More than a celebratory month, this is an ongoing imperative to ensure that our research, teaching, and institutional opportunities enable Black lives in Africa and across the diaspora to continually thrive against structures of racism and subordination in the world.”     

Alan Dunyo Avorgbedor is an Assistant Professor in the Peter Guo-hua Fu School of Architecture. His architectural research focuses on culturally embodied dwelling practices in natural and built environments in sub-Saharan Africa and across the diaspora. Artistically, he works within the poetics of the image using analog media, grounded in marginal African and diasporic cultural identities and histories. 

alan.avorgbedor [at] (English) 

Kimani Daniel, Assistant Professor, Ingram School of Nursing 

“Black History Month is an essential opportunity to celebrate the vibrancy and contributions of the Black community to Canadian history. However, this celebration should be seen as part of the year-long need to see positive reflections of the community in building our present-day society. This recognition of our shared history is important for the health and well-being of everyone.” 

Kimani Daniel is Assistant Professor at the Ingram School of Nursing with over 15 years of clinical experience in maternal-child, perinatal health and nursing education. She is also involved in anti-Black racism initiatives and is interested in health equity and social justice in nursing.  

kimani.daniel [at] (English) 

Sabrina Jafralie, Faculty Lecturer, Department of Integrated Studies in Education 

“History in Canada and across the globe is incomplete. Until we recognize the contribution of all people and in particular people of African descent then human history is missing an essential component.” 

Sabrina Jafralie is a Faculty Lecturer in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education. Her academic works explores the links between religious literacy, anti-racism, and purposeful dialogue. In 2021, she was named one of CBC Quebec’s Black Changemakers. 

sabrina.jafralie [at] (English, French) 

Welly Minyangadou Ngokobi, PhD student, Department of Integrated Studies in Education  

“What good is ‘first class’ if my people can't sit? A serious question on who benefits from the current teaching practices taught in teacher education programs.” 

Welly Minyangadou Ngokobi is a PhD student in the Department of Integrated Studies in Education. Her first publication tackled the benefits of using critical reflexivity when constructing a philosophy of education as young and/or experienced educators. She is also the Vice President of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion for the Education Graduate Student Society at McGill and founder of Take Care of You, Boo, an initiative that serves to offer literary recommendations for Black mental health and wellness. 

welly.minyangadoungokobi [at] (English, French) 

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