Experts: World Suicide Prevention Day (Sept. 10, 2018)

Published: 5 September 2018

Rob Whitley, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University

Rob Whitley’s research focuses on promoting recovery and diminishing the stigma of mental illness. His recent peer reviewed paper looks at the Canadian media coverage surrounding the Netflix show 13 Reason’s Why. He found that media coverage adhered to best practices and that suicide was discussed from various angles. He is also the Principal Investigator of the Social Psychiatry Research and Interest Group (SPRING) at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre.

Suicide portrayal in the Canadian media: examining newspaper coverage of the popular Netflix series ‘13 Reasons Why’

robert.whitley [at] (English and French)

Daniel Almeida, PhD Candidate, Integrated Program in Neuroscience, McGill University

Under the supervision of Gustavo Turecki, his doctoral thesis explores the idea of an epigenetic memory resulting from childhood abuse and how these molecular changes might explain why an individual developed depression and died by suicide.

“The World Health Organization estimates that nearly 800,000 individuals die by suicide each year. As a neuroscientist my work focuses on understanding how strong predictors of suicide impact the molecular biology of our brain.”

daniel.almeida [at] (English)

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