Expert: Impeachment of Brazilian President

Published: 18 April 2016

Brazilian legislators voted on Sunday night to approve impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, the nation’s first female president. (The New York Times)

Manuel Balan, Department of Political Science, Institute for the Study of International Development, McGill University

"The impeachment process is a clear political maneuver by old and new opposition groups. They are using Dilma Rousseff (who has not done a good job managing the economy, for sure) as a scapegoat for a political system that has deep-rooted problems; corruption being just one of them."—Manuel Balan

Professor Balan is interested in Latin American Politics, Corruption and Development, Political Competition, Politics of the Media and Scandals, Transparency and Anti-Corruption Policies, and Political parties and political Systems among other things.

514-398-4400, ext. 09191, manuel.balan [at] (English, Spanish)

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