Expert: Hurricane Matthew

Published: 6 October 2016

“Hurricane Matthew is poised to deliver a potentially catastrophic strike on Haiti beginning Monday, and poses a danger to eastern Cuba and Jamaica by Monday night.” (The Weather Network)

John Gyakum, Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences, McGill University

“Aside from Matthew’s immediate threat to Haiti, eastern Jamaica, and eastern Cuba, Mathew’s ferocity also poses a potential threat to coastal regions of the US, later in the week.”—John Gyakum

He’s the chair of the Department of Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences. He’s interested in hurricanes, tropical cyclone and heavy precipitation events such as the Ice storm of 1998 or the 2013 Alberta Flood.

john.gyakum [at] (English)

Renee Sieber, Geography, McGill University

She can talk about how people in Haiti can use social media and technology to share information in the aftermath of the hurricane. She has done research on crowdsourcing, and the use and value of information technology by marginalized communities.

renee.sieber [at] (English)

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