Elections in South Africa

Published: 8 August 2016


“South Africans are heading to the polls on Wednesday in what Barclays analysts have dubbed "the most important elections since the 1994 democratic transition" — back when Nelson Mandela was elected in the country's first elections post-Apartheid.” (Business Insider)


Jon Dylan Soske, History, McGill University

Jon Soske is professor of modern African history. His first book project, Boundaries of Diaspora: African Nationalism and the Indian Diaspora in 20th century South Africa, rewrites the history of the antiapartheid struggle by examining the interlacing histories of South Africa and India, especially the circulation and reconfiguration of ideas concerning race, nation, caste, and diaspora.

jon.soske [at], 514-398-4400 ext.04557 (English)

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