Canada discriminates against children on reserves

Published: 26 January 2016

"The federal government discriminates against First Nation children on reserves by failing to provide the same level of child welfare services that exist elsewhere, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has ruled." (Source: CBC)

Nico Trocmé, professor and director of the School of Social Work at McGill University

"Many Canadians are still surprised to learn that First Nations children and families get less funding and support than other Canadian children and families. The CHRT ruling confirms that systematic underfunding of services to First Nations communities is one of the key drivers for the overrepresentation of First Nations children in child welfare systems across Canada.  On our part our research will continue to monitor this overrepresentation and we look forward  to assisting First Nations and Federal and Provincial governments in developing and evaluating mechanisms to address the funding and service gap." —Nico Trocmé

Nico Trocmé researches, with his colleague Vandha Sinha, the overrepresentation of aboriginal youths in child protection services and the under-funding of social and health services to aboriginal families.

nico.trocme [at] He's not available between 11:30 AM and 1:15 PM today. (English, French)

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