British personality Jonathan Miller to speak at McGill University


"Laughing Matters: Humour and Comedy"

Truly a man for all seasons, the renowned British opera and theatre director, author and physician Jonathan Miller will be visiting Montreal this week to meet with McGill students and to deliver a public lecture entitled "Laughing Matters: Humour and Comedy." The lecture will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 12 in the Fieldhouse Auditorium, Leacock Building, McGill’s downtown campus. Because of widespread interest, tickets have been issued (free of charge) and may be obtained ahead of time from the McGill Bookstore, 3420 McTavish (514-398-7444).

After obtaining his medical degree from Cambridge University, Jonathan Miller joined Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, and Peter Cook in what became the wildly popular, indeed legendary satirical review, "Beyond the Fringe." Dr. Miller went on to become involved in a series of distinguished productions at some of Britain’s most famous theatres and drama festivals. His career as director of opera then took off in the late 1970s, as he found new fame both at home in Britain and in the great opera houses of Europe. In his ’spare time,’ Jonathan Miller has also produced and directed scores of television programs, including ones that drew on his training as medical doctor and neurologist.

A frequent public speaker, Dr. Miller has recently expanded his repertoire to the world of art and museums. Two years ago he curated an exhibition at the National Gallery of London entitled "Mirror Image," which explored the pictorial representation of reflection.

The Beatty Memorial Lectures

Established in 1953 by his brother Henry to honour Sir Edward Beatty, chancellor of McGill for many years and president of Canadian Pacific Railway, the Beatty Memorial Lectures series attracts outstanding individuals from a variety of fields to speak to Montrealers and to visit with students at the University. A generous and normally very private benefactor, Sir Edward was one of those people who take pleasure in giving their time and energy to support worthwhile causes and institutions. For more information on the series, visit the Beatty Memorial Lectures Series page.