Cancer researchers overestimate reproducibility of preclinical studies

Published: 29Jun2017

Cancer scientists overestimate the extent to which high-profile preclinical studies can be successfully replicated, new research from McGill University suggests.

An emphasis on indigenous law could help shape a future that’s brighter than our past

Published: 28Jun2017

The joint degree will be taught by comparing and contrasting indigenous peoples’ legal traditions with those of common law. The four-year program will include classroom and community-based...

No detectable limit to how long people can live

Published: 28Jun2017

Emma Morano passed away last April. At 117 years old, the Italian woman was the oldest known living human being....

For Millennials, thinking and emotions are equals -- more or less

Published: 27Jun2017

"Given their postmodern worldview, the millennial generation believes that organizations can grow and prosper through greater emotional openness. They also perceive negative emotions as having the...

About, pasta, drama: Canuck actors on the words that bring out their accent

Published: 27Jun2017

According to Charles Boberg, an associate professor of linguistics at McGill University, there are two main differences in Canadian English pronunciation of vowels. "One of them is called 'Canadian...

Canada is placing bets on 'open science' to drive innovation

Published: 27Jun2017

The “Neuro”, as the institute is known, hopes its six-month-old open-science experiment will attract more private venture capital, create jobs and lure companies back to the city’s shrunken medical...

Erasure of negative memories one step closer to reality

Published: 27Jun2017

Scientists have known for some time that a memory is stored in the brain through changes in the strength of particular synapses, the structures that pass signals between neurons. However, how the...

Biofilms—the eradication has begun

Published: 26Jun2017

Canadian scientists take a step forward in the fight against microbial armour‎. Read more here.

Laurent Duvernay-Tardif helps schoolchildren find balanced lifestyle

Published: 21Jun2017

While the LDT program stresses physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif said his mission is to promote balance. “It’s about a balance between school, physical activity,...

Starting your career: Advice for millennial extroverts

Published: 20Jun2017

Graduation season is upon us, and with many bright young people taking their first steps into the workforce, it is important to acknowledge the challenges of what lie ahead. Learning and work...