Widespread permafrost degradation seen in high Arctic terrain

Published: 22May2019

Rapid changes in terrain are taking place in Canada’s high Arctic polar deserts due to increases in summer air temperatures.

Detecting bacteria in space

Published: 22May2019

Scientists at the University of Montreal and McGill University have pioneered and tested a new genomic methodology which reveals a complex bacterial ecosystem at work on the International Space...

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL | When a City’s Mood Brightens, People Take More Risks

Published: 22May2019

Unexpected happy occurrences in everyday life—say, an underdog local sports team wins or the sun emerges after several days of rain—can lift the collective mood of a city’s residents. That’s the...

Canadian researchers on promising path towards developing flu treatment using lipid target

Published: 22May2019

For most people, the influenza A virus (IAV), commonly known as the flu, is cleared from the body by our own immune system. In some cases, however, the immune response becomes dysregulated and if...

NSERC awards $35 M to McGill-led research projects

Published: 21May2019

Today, the Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and Sport, announced an investment of more than $588 million through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s ...

MONTREAL GAZETTE | The Right Chemistry: Here's the dirt on 'clean eating'

Published: 21May2019

I thought I was a clean eater. I wash my fruits and vegetables. I scrupulously scrub my cutting board after use. If I thaw meat in the fridge, I make sure the juices do not contact any other food....

CBC | McGill med students launch campaign to get free menstrual products in Quebec schools

Published: 21May2019

Three medical students from McGill University — Carolanne Gagnon, Alicia Lessard and Ariane Litalien — think so and they're lobbying the provincial government to make it happen. ...

Media Advisory: Talking Science in the Age of Fake News

Published: 14May2019

Members of the media are invited to attend an event celebrating the 20th anniversary of McGill University’s Office for Science and Society.

Québec siblings with rare orphan disease lead to discovery of rare genetic diseases

Published: 25Apr2019

Mutations in a gene involved in brain development have led to the discovery of two new neurodevelopmental diseases by an international team led by researchers at McGill University and CHU Sainte...