“It is not simply a matter of improving a few processes, or reorganizing units, or moving around budgets when times are tough financially. It is about building communities of engagement, where every person at every level takes advantage of opportunities to learn, where people feel connected to their jobs and their colleagues, and where people feel a sense of purpose and ownership.”
–Principal Suzanne Fortier

Ed Catmull, president of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios, once wrote that "Your employees are smart; that's why you hired them." That's the thinking behind My Workplace, a series of initiatives aimed at making McGill work better. The goal is to get employees at all levels thinking about ways they can learn, improve processes and work better together, and to connect them with the tools and expertise they need to make their great ideas a reality.

At its core My Workplace is about learning, and about taking an occasional step back to examine why we do the things we do -- not just as employees, but McGill-wide as well. And it's important enough to rank among Principal Fortier's top five priorities, because with shrinking financial resources and growing competition for great students, McGill absolutely must tap into the skills, ideas and ingenuity of its tremendous workforce to stay ahead of the curve.