LinkedIn Learning Course Club: Building Resilience

Friday, May 3, 2024 10:30to12:00

Online Session

LinkedIn Learning Course Club

This session has two components:

  1. Individual work/reflection – prior to the session, you will view a selected video (approximately 45 – 60 minutes). You will find the link to the course below.
  2. Facilitated virtual group discussion – on the session date, we will come together virtually for a 90-minute facilitated group discussion around what we learned.


Have trouble getting by when the going gets tough? Everyone wants to perform well when the pressure's on, but a lot of us withdraw in times of stress or adversity. If you can build your resilience, you will have an easier time facing new challenges and earn a valuable skill to offer employers. In this course, Kelley School of Business professor and professional communications coach Tatiana Kolovou explains how to bounce back from difficult situations, by building your "resiliency threshold." Five training techniques are shared to help prepare for difficult situations, and five strategies for reflecting on them afterward. Find out where you are on the resilience scale, identify where you want to be, and learn strategies to close the gap.


Learning objectives:

  • Define the term resilience.
  • Identify strategies for facing rejection in your day-to-day life.
  • Recognize the skills you can practice to increase your resilience.
  • Explore reflection strategies you can use during a situation in order to build resilience.
  • Examine five post-event resilience building strategies using real-world example


LinkedIn Learning Course Club:

  1. Click on "LinkedIn Learning Course: Building Resilience", to view prior to attending the virtual group discussion date.
  2. To register for the virtual group discussion, Access Minerva, in the Employee Menu, click on Training Menu, select Organizational Development, and follow the instructions to register.
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