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MSSI Landscapes Theme Pitch or Enrich - A Symposium for Sustainability Research


F. D. Adams Building 211, 3450 Rue University, CA

The MSSI is excited to invite you to register for the MSSI Landscapes Theme Pitch or Enrich - A Symposium for Sustainability Research.

Have a project idea related to sustainability and landscapes?
Could you use seed funding to get the idea going?
Think you can get your ideas across in 3-minutes or less?
Or just want to be part of the growing community of landscape sustainability researchers at McGill?

Then join us for the McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative’s first Pitch or Enrich symposium. Pitch your idea to the group, or Enrich the ideas of others.

We’ll start with a series of 3-minute lightning talk pitches, each proposing an interdisciplinary research project idea related to landscape sustainability. Next, attendees will enrich the ideas that were pitched by joining small-group conversations around pitches to develop it into a short proposal.

Find out more here.

Register for this event here.

Deadline to register as a Pitch-er is November 23rd. Registration closes November 30th, 2018.

Contact Information

Marie-Michelle Simard
McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative
mssi [at]
Office Phone: 
+1 514 398 6972
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