CONFERENCE: Transcending Settler Colonialism: Decolonization, Reconciliation, and Transformation


This two-day conference will bring together Indigenous scholars and non-Indigenous scholars from across Canada, the USA, the UK, Uganda, Finland, and Australia to engage in presentations and...

Dr. Guy Rouleau elected WFN first vice-president

Published: 16Nov2021

Federation represents 122 neurological societies around the world...

Real-time alert system heralds new era in fast radio burst research

Published: 18Nov2021

McGill University scientists have developed a new system for sharing the enormous amount of data being generated by the CHIME radio telescope in its search for fast radio bursts (FRBs), the...

Bennett and Xia named to 2021 Highly Cited Researchers list

Published: 18Nov2021

Academic careers are built on many factors, including perseverance, thirst for new knowledge, and research papers. One of the measures of the impact of these outputs is the annual Highly Cited...

Nancy Lavigne named Unsung Hero

Published: 18Nov2021

Every institution has a number of people who become the face of that organization. But for every recognizable “star,”, there is a bevy of unsung heroes who quietly go about their work, making...

Centraide event: Cow Patty Bingo!


Cow Patty Bingo Join us on Tuesday November 30th at noon on Zoom!/macdonaldCategory: Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Centraide campaign Macdonald Campus

[Extended] Call for papers for the “1971-2021: 50 ans de corpus montréalais” conference

Published: 16Nov2021

CIRM is proud to contribute as a partner to the international conference 1971-2021: 50 ans de corpus montréalais. This event organized by Hélène Blondeau (U. of Florida), Marty Laforest (UQTR), and...


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