MPCL Photos


MPCL family in the year 2020-2021

MPCL Family in 2020-2021

Bennett's 70th Birthday Party 25 May 2021 with former members of PCM at IRCAM and current and former members of MPCL.

MPCL family in 2019-2020

MPCL at APCAM 2019, Montreal

MPCL family in 2018-2019

Members of MPCL posing together in a lab

MPCL family in 2017-2018


MPCL family in 2016-2017


MPCL family in 2015-2016


ICMPC, July 2016, San Francisco - MPCL family and the "Timbre-geek t-shirts"


ICMPC, July 2016, San Francisco - MPCL dinner


SMPC, August 2015, Nashville - MPCL dinner


MPCL family in 2014-2015


ICMPC, August 2014, Seoul - MPCL dinner 


MPCL 2013-2014

MPCL family in 2013-2014


SMPC, August 2013, Toronto


MPCL family, October 2012-2013


A happy moment with Lorraine's chocolate chip cookies before an MPCL lab meeting (2012)

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