MPCL Kudos

[03/2023] CIRMMT Student Award winners: PhD student Linglan Zhu (with Benjamin Lavastre and Maël Oudin) "Mixed pieces with digital instruments: From writing to perception" and MA student Yifan Huang (with Jonas Régnier and Christopher Keach) "Emotion studies on daily life sound in music composition and performance".

[09/2022] MPCL Director Stephen McAdams has been elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (McGill Reporter).

[08/2022] MPCL Director Stephen McAdams has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society for Music Perception and Cognition at SMPC 2022 in Portland, OR.

[06/2022] PhD student Yuval Adler has been awarded an ACTOR Collaborative Student Grant for a project in collaboration with UCSD doctoral student Berk Schneider "Timbrenauts: Creative explorations in timbre space."

[04/2022] MA student Linglan Zhu (with collaborator DMus student Benjamin Lavastre) received a CIRMMT Student Award for their project "Mixed pieces with digital instruments: From writing to perception."

[05/2021] PhD candidates Erica Huynh and Iza Korsmit received a CIRMMT Student Award for their project "Teaching concepts of timbre with an online educational platform."

[04/2021] MA student Max Henry received the Schulich School of Music Outstanding Teaching Assistant/Graduate Instructor Award. 

[03/2021] PhD candidate Lena Heng received Honorable Mention for their presentation "Timbre's function in the perception of affective intentions: Contextual information and effects of learning" at the Future Directions in Music Cognition conference organized by Ohio State University.

[04/2020] PhD students Erica Huynh and Jade Roth have received a CIRMMT Student Award for their project "Perceiving instrument register and playing effort through timbral cues."

[04/2020] MA student Max Henry (in collaboration with MA student Jonas Régnier and PhD student Xiaohan Bao) has received a CIRMMT Student Award for the project "Directing attention in contemporary composition with timbre."

[04/2019] PhD student Yuval Adler and MA Student Max Henry have received a CIRMMT Student Outreach Award for their project "YouTube Public Outreach."

[04/2019] Project Coordinator Juanita Marchand Knight has received McGill’s Award for Equity and Community Building in the Administrative and Support Staff category for 2019.

[04/2019] PhD students Eddy Kazazis and Iza Korsmit have received a CIRMMT Student Award for their project "Misophonia: Identification of acoustic features and the effect of context in evoking ‘mastication rage’" as did PhD student Yuval Adler (in collaboration with Nestor Napoles Lopez) for the project "Ear training gamification software."

[04/2019] MA student Rachel Hottle won the Master's level International Grant Competition in the Music Research Department for her project "Unconventional Formal Structures and Function in the Music of Joanna Newsom."

[04/2019] PhD student Yuval Adler received a CIRMMT Travel Award to attend the Learning Music Through Play conference in Quebec City.

[03/2019] PhD student Lena Heng has been awarded a CIRMMT Inter-Centre Research Exchange funding for an internship at the Singapore University of Technology and Design and A*STAR (IHPC) over the summer of 2019.

[04/2018] PhD student Moe Touizrar has been awarded the John Rea Travel Award 2018 by the Composition Area to conduct research in Finland over the summer of 2018.

[04/2018] PhD student Tanor Bonin has been awarded a BLUE Fellowship by the McGill B21 project, "a hub for creative scholars and staff to network with like-minded talents from across our campuses, and freely explore ideas and projects they may otherwise not have."

[04/2018] PhD student Kit Soden has been awarded the Andrew Svoboda Memorial Prize for Orchestral Composition 2018 to compose a piece for the McGill Symphony Orchestra.

[03/2018] Three MPCL PhD students have been awarded CIRMMT Student Awards: Moe Touizrar (Composition), Kit Soden (Composition, with Laura Jacyna, Information Studies), and Tanor Bonin (Music Technology, with Kseniya Degtyareva & Ephraim Hahn, Sound Recording).

[02/2018] Composition PhD student Kit Soden has received the Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement to his SSHRC doctoral scholarship to study with our colleagues at the Haute École de Musique in Geneva.

[10/2017] Psychology honours undergrad Manda Fischer has been selected to represent the Psychology Department at the Faculty of Science's 13th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference.

[08/2017] Psychology honours undergrad Manda Fischer has been awarded the Celia Hendler Scholarship in Psychology for outstanding undergraduate students who are entering the U3 year of the B.Sc., B.A., or B.A.& Sc. degree in Psychology.

[08/2017] Former PhD student and post-doc Meghan Goodchild has just accepted a position in Research Data Management at Queens University in Kingston, ON. 

[11/2017] Composition PhD student Moe Touizrar was interviewed in the McGill Reporter on his new piece Bright, Blue, and Shimmering, the piece composed for his Andrew Svoboda Prize in Orchestral Composition, premiered on November 24 and 25, 2017 by the McGill Symphony Orchestra. 

[07/2017] Former PhD student David Sears has just accepted a position in Interdisciplinary Arts at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. Congratulations, David!

[05/2017] MPCL was awarded $356,000 by the FRQSC to continue work on the Orchestration and Perception project (2017-2021).

[04/2017] Tanor Bonin has been awarded a Mitacs-Japan Society for the Promotion of Science internship to work with Prof. Rie Matsunaga at Kanagawa University in Summer 2017. Congratulations, Tanor!

[03/2017] Kit Soden has been granted a McGill Mobility Award to visit the Haute école de musique de Genève in Switzerland, and Tanor Bonin has been granted a CIRMMT Inter-centre Research Exchange Award to visit Kanagawa University and Hokkaido University in Japan. Congratulations, guys!

[01/2017] Former PhD student Kai Siedenburg has been awarded a European Union Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship at the Universität Carl von Ossietsky in Oldeburg, Germany. Congratulations, Kai!

[01/2017] Meghan Goodchild was nominated by McGill University for the Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools Dissertation Award in the social sciences and humanities category. Congratulations, Meghan!

[06/2016] Meghan Goodchild was awarded the CALM (Canadian Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres) First-time Presenter Award for her paper "Digital Music Libraries: The Challenges Ahead." Congratulations, Meghan!

[04/2016] Prof. Stephen McAdams was awarded a Canada Council for the Arts Killam Research Fellowship. He is the second Killam Research Fellowship recipient from the Schulich School of Music. Congratulations, Stephen!

[04/2016] Composition PhD student Moe Touizrar has been awarded the Andrew Svoboda Memorial Prize for Orchestral Composition to write a piece for the McGill Symphony Orchestra in 2016-17. Congratulations, Moe!​

[04/2016] Eddy Kazazis and Jason Noble received a CIRMMT Award for their project "Composing with gestures on a perceptual chordal space." Congratulations, Eddy and Jason!

[04/2016] Meghan Goodchild has submitted the final version of her PhD dissertation. Congratulations, Meghan!

[03/2016] Kai Siedenburg has submitted the final version of his PhD dissertation. Way to go, Kai!

[03/2016] Incoming Music Tech PhD student Tanor Bonin has been awarded an NSERC CGS-D doctoral fellowship. Congratulations, Tanor!

[12/2015] Ceci Taher has won first prize in the Schulich School of Music International Grant Writing Competition, which comes with a fellowship of $10,000. Congratulations, Ceci!

[09/2015] We are proud to be able to announce that MPCL received a SSHRC Partnership Development grant, an NSERC Discovery grant and an NSERC Discovery Accelerator supplement.

[05/2015] Stephen McAdams received the Schulich School of Music Outstanding Teaching Award in recognition for his excellence and commitment to teaching and supervision. Congratulations and thank you, Stephen!

[05/2015] PhD student Sven-Amin Lembke (Music Technology) has received two awards for his dissertation: the Governer General's Gold Medal and the McGill Alumni Association Graduate Award.

[04/2015] PhD student Moe Touizrar (Composition) received a SSHRC doctoral award.

[04/2015] Moe Touizrar and Kit Soden (Composition) and Sarah Gates (Music Theory) received a CIRMMT Student Award for their project on orchestral and visual gestures in dramatic scenes.

[03/2015] Ayla Tse (Psychology) was awarded an NSERC USRA and Charlene Zhang (Psychology) was awarded an NSERC USRA through the ACN-CREATE program, both to work as RAs in MPCL this summer.

[03/2015] PhD student Eddy Kazazis awarded a CIRMMT Inter-Centre Exchange grant to work with Philippe Esling at IRCAM in Paris.

[03/2015] PhD student Kai Siedenburg awarded 2nd place Dean's Essay Prize of the Schulich School of Music.

[03/2015] Master's students Yinan Cao and Sarah Gates are heading to Oxford University and Northwestern University, respectively.

[09/2014] Former MPCL post-doc Hauke Egermann gave a TEDx talk in Ghent, Belgium.

[09/2014] Yinan Cao has been awarded an NSERC-Create Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Internship to work with Prof. Marc Schönweisner at the Université de Montréal, Oct 2014-May 2015.

[04/2014] Kiray Jones-Mollerup received the 2014 Psychology Department Undergraduate Poster Session Prize.

[04/2014] Sarah Gates has been awarded a SSHRC CGS Master's scholarship for research on how musical training and timbre differences affect the apparent size of pitch intervals.

[04/2014] Kai Siedenburg has been awarded the PBEEE (Quebec Merit Scholarship for Foreign Students).

[03/2014] Sarah Gates, Kit Soden and Moe Touzrar received the CIRMMT Student Award for their project "Correspondence of orchestral and visual gestures in representing basic emotional categories in dramatic scenes".

[03/2014] Jason Noble was awarded the Dean's essay prize for his paper ''Reconsidering Musical Timelessness: Semiotic Time in Messiaen’s Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps and Grisey’s Vortex Temporum''.

[06/2013] Song Hui Chon successfully defended her PhD dissertation and has been offered a post-doc with David Huron at Ohio State University.

[07/2013] Kai Siedenburg has received a Harman Scholarship from the Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation.

[06/2013] Ceci Taher‎ received an FRQSC DS doctoral scholarship.

[02/2013] NSERC-Create Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Graduate Fellowship winners: Kai Siedenburg (2012, 2013) and Yinan Cao (2013-14).

[03/2013] Kyra Parker received the NSERC-Create ACN Undergraduate Summer Research Award for 2013.

[03/2013] Meghan Goodchild received the IPLAI Malloch Graduate Fellowship for 2013-14.

[03/2013] David Sears received the CIRMMT Student Award for 2013-14.

[03/2013] David Sears and Yinan Cao received CIRMMT Inter-Centre Research Exchange Funding for collaborations with Queen Mary University of London and University of Glasgow, respectively.

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