How to get to us

  • You will find the Music Perception and Cognition Lab in:
             McGill University's Music Technology Area (Suite 500),
             5th floor, 550 Sherbrooke St. West, Montreal (the office building across the street from McGill’s Elizabeth Wirth Music Building)
  • Please note that our lab is in the building 550, NOT 555. Building 555 is the Strathcona Music Building (Old Building).
  • Please take one of the elevators in the lobby, East Tower, to the 5th floor.
  • If you have an appointment, please use the telephone (Tel. 514-398-4535, ext. 094812) outside the office suite to call the person/lab to let you in.

Mailing address

Prof. Stephen McAdams
Music Perception and Cognition Laboratory
Schulich School of Music
McGill University
555 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest
Montréal, QC H3A 1E3
Tel. 514-398-4535 ext.094827
Fax. 514-398-2962
Email: stephen [dot] mcadams [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Web Issues

For issues concerning web contents and information,
Please contact:
Stephen McAdams, Email: stephen [dot] mcadams [at] mcgill [dot] ca
Bennett Smith, Email: bks {at] music [dot] mcgill [dot] ca
Aurélien Antoine, Email: aurelien [dot] antoine [at] mcgill [dot] ca
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