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‘Young people hold the wisdom and the knowledge and the solutions. A lot of times in the outside world we don’t value their contributions, their advice and their voice. So through this process it is extremely important that we hear from them, that they provide solutions and guide us on the calls to action’- Terrellyn Fearn

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Welcome to More Than Words (MTW) & Pathways 2 Equity (P2E)! This site draws together work across several Canada-based projects working with Indigenous young people to address gender inequality and gender-based violence.

This work builds on the SSHRC- IDRC Partnership Networks for Change and Well-being: Girl-led ‘from the ground up’ policymaking to address sexual violence in Canada and South Africa. Networks laid the foundation for collaboration and successful partnering over the last seven years through skills and capacity building with Indigenous young people to support their response to SGBV in their own communities through arts-based approaches.


More Than Words, a 4-year project (2019-2023) which is part of a national $50 million Gender-Based Violence program Promising Practices to Support Survivors and their Families. More Than Words. MTW investigates and learns from the use of Indigenous-focused youth-led survivor engagement through the arts, looking at impacts on the producers themselves (young people) and on their families and communities in relation to their experiences of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV). The title of the project symbolizes action (not just words), and also refers to the significance of images and art ( not just words) as critical entry points to reflection and meaning-making

MTW supports a generation of youth leaders who have already participated in Networks for Change as they mentor (or become aunties to) a new generation of youth and become equality advocates within their communities. Youth and their allies are developing a trail of promising practices to support the uptake of similar work in more communities. By consulting with community organizations and advocates across Canada, a network of young people, practitioners, and researchers is growing to champion youth-led arts-based approaches and storytelling to address SGBV.



Our circle expands further with the work of Pathways2Equity: Youth-led, Indigenous-Focussed, Gender-Transformative, Arts-Based Approaches to Challenging Gender Norms in Addressing GBV (2021-2023). This expansion responds to the calls from Indigenous girls and young women to include boys and young men in gender-based violence (GBV) prevention.

P2E is a girl-informed project, focusing on work with Indigenous boys and young men in Eskasoni, Rankin Inlet and Treaty 6, the Traditional Homelands of the Métis, Saskatoon. Now more than ever there is a recognition of the importance of working with boys and young men in separate and non-threatening, yet inclusive and integrated ways to address SGBV. The leadership of Indigenous girls and young women will critically inform and frame the engagement of Indigenous boys and young men in participatory and creative interventions. Specific objectives for the project include: fostering leadership with Indigenous girls and young women, engaging Indigenous boys and young men in ending GBV, creating local and culturally relevant dialogues and knowledge-sharing around the root causes of gender inequality and violence, and establishing a Pathways2Equity: Youth Framework based on local and national engagement and promising practices.






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