A Map of the Indigeneous communities that the project is working alongside. Pictured here are Treaty 6, Rankin Inlet and Eskasoni territories




Treaty 6


Treaty 6 Girls working together

The Saskatoon/Treaty 6/Traditional Homeland of the Metis site works with young Indigenous women, members of the girl group Indigenous Young Women’s Utopia, to explore and navigate the colonial and gendered violent context that they survive and exist in. Empowered by each other and their Nehiwayan and Michif ways, these young women continue to explore self-love as a first form of resistance. Prayer and ceremony lead the sessions, they know that their ancestors prayed for them to be together to do this work. They continue to listen and learn from each other! Hiy hiy ekosi!


Rankin Inlet


Rankin Inlet girls sitting together

Rankin Inlet is an Inuit community located on the Kudlulik Peninsula, on the west coast of the Hudson Bay in Nunavut. This field site is the result of recognition in the community for the need to create a space where local Inuit girls and young women could come together and express themselves. The girls have experience engaging with participatory visual methods as they have produced music videos and cellphilms addressing GBV and food insecurity.





Eskasoni Girls taking a picture together

Eskasoni is located on Cape Breton Island, within the Unama’gi district of Mi’kmaq territory (Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada). The community is the largest Aboriginal community in Atlantic Canada. Young people in the community have been engaging with the topic of sexual and gender-based violence, and what it looks like in Eskasoni since 2016, as a field site for Networks for change. Their work has taken many forms including the production of a Mi’kmaw colouring book for survivors of SGBV, which focused on addressing SGBV in the community and language revitalization.

Future Fieldsites

Status of Women Canada launched the Blueprint Project Initiative to respond to the longstanding and emerging issues that women and girls face by building on positive results from previous funded projects. A Blueprint - or a trail - is a resource that provides an outline of a successful practice that can be replicated by other organizations and adapted to different local contexts. Such texts are important as they provide a solid foundation and framework from which others can build and implement the same or similar projects, adapted to local contexts. More than Words will be producing a document that will be continually drafted throughout the project and will be completed in the 4th year of the project.

Phase 3 of the project includes expansion to new communities. These new communities will be selected from organizations participating in the Canadian Women’s Foundation Empowering Girls project ( These communities will help test out the promising practices that can be used by other communities to develop similar critical interventions with young people and their communities.



Gen 1

Art Making Workshops

Community Sharing

Oct 2019 to June 2020


Gen 1

On-site Mentorship Training for Gen 1 youth

April 2020 - Dec 2020


Gen 1 & Gen 2

Art Making workshops for Gen 2 youth facilitated by Gen 1 mentors

Community Sharing

Oct 2020 to June 2021

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