The Montréal Bilingualism Initiative (MoBI) hosted a conference at ACFAS this year.

The principal members of our team—all established university researchers and members of the Centre for Research on Brain, Language & Music—share the common goal of stimulating creativity and making the maximum use of our joint resources to achieve our objective of broadening and deepening our understanding of multilingualism. All members contribute significantly to multiple research themes, ensuring a truly interdisciplinary focus. As a result, we have the breadth and depth of expertise to identify the most probing and critical issues in multilingualism across the lifespan (from early infancy to aging) and the cutting-edge tools and techniques to address them.

L'image lit « 'Fièrement propulsé par les Fonds de recherche nature et technologies du Québec ». The English translation is 'proudly funded by the Fonds de recherche nature et technologies du Québec.

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