The Montréal Bilingualism Initiative (MoBI) hosted a conference at ACFAS this year.

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Welcome to MoBI!


The Montréal Bilingualism Initiative (MoBI)

The Montréal Bilingualism Initiative (MoBI) is a unique interdisciplinary team of world-class investigators dedicated to understanding human language processing and its neural underpinnings across the lifespan.


Scientific Program

One of the most highly developed skills possessed by humans is the ability to master multiple languages. In order to understand this complex phenomenon and all its societal, psychological, and cognitive ramifications across the lifespan, a thorough knowledge of the process is required from the changes in brain structure and function to the interactions within interpersonal networks.

The MoBI team’s forward-looking and comprehensive research programs examine the factors – from infancy to older adulthood – that support multilingual proficiency. Our research yields insights into the full range of consequences and benefits associated with bilingualism. Combining our expertise in different disciplines and methodologies, team members share a common objective of understanding the means by which individuals who speak more than one language acquire those languages, communicate, control their languages, and interact within society.

Based in Montréal and set against the backdrop of the vast, culturally diverse, and multilingual society of Québec, our objective is to develop innovative methods to facilitate language learning and cognitive development across the lifespan. The MoBI team additionally collaborates with leading bilingualism research centres around the world and provides exceptional training to undergraduate and graduate students, as well as post-doctoral researchers.


L'image lit « 'Fièrement propulsé par les Fonds de recherche nature et technologies du Québec ». The English translation is 'proudly funded by the Fonds de recherche nature et technologies du Québec.

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