Research Facilities & Services

The Department of Microbiology and Immunology offers a variety of services to outside businesses and research institutes. To inquire about services offered, please contact the Facilities below.

Our Department provides flow cytometry and cell sorting services, allowing for the simultaneous measurement of multiple physical and/or chemical properties of single cells or biological particles through the use of fluorescent probes. Located in the Bellini building, the Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Facility is available to external businesses and research institutes. For a complete description of our services, instrument details, available resources and core policies, visit

Facilities Description


Room 517, Duff Medical Building, Training Video

Dr. Greg Marczynski
greg.marczynski [at] (Email)

Confocal Imaging Facility

Facility webpage

Manager: Dr. Ghislaine Fontes
                  Room 402, Duff Medical Building
                 514-398-7528, ghislaine.fontes [at] (Email)

Director: Dr. Irah King
                  Room 402A, Duff Medical Building
                  514-398-7325, irah.king [at] (Email)

Duff Biobar

Facility webpage
Order form

Contact: Mr. Tom Ringer, Lab Technician
                  Room 508, Duff Medical Building
                  514-398-3920, tom.ringer [at] (Email)

Film Developer

Standard Operating Procedure


Room D5, Duff Medical Building
Drs. B. Cousineau & G. Matlashewski

       benoit.cousineau [at] (Email)                    greg.matlashewski [at] (Email)

Film Processor

Room D7, Duff Medical Building
tom.ringer [at] (Email)

Ice Machine & Water System

Contact: Mr. Tom Ringer, Lab Technician
                  Room 508,Duff Medical Building
                  514-398-3920, tom.ringer [at] (Email)


Dr. Irah King
irah.king [at] (Email)

Media Facility

Contact: Ms Shan Hong Zhang, Lab Technician
               Room D12,Duff Medical Building
               514-398-3924, shanhong.zhang [at] (Email)

Washing/ Autoclaving

Contact: Mr. Tom Ringer, Lab Technician
               Room 514,Duff Medical Building
               514-398-3920, tom.ringer [at] (Email)

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