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Past events

Analysis of Large-Scale Biobanks and Whole Genome Sequencing Studies

Speaker: Dr. Xihong Lin, Professor of Biostatistics and Statistics, Harvard University & Broad Institute

Date/Time: January 11 at 1 pm EST (10 am PST)

Registration (Required!): Register Here

Abstract: Big data from genome, exposome, and phenome are becoming available at a rapidly increasing rate with no apparent end in sight. Examples include Whole Genome Sequencing data, smartphone data, wearable devices, and Electronic Health Records (EHRs). A rapidly increasing number of large scale national and institutional biobanks have emerged worldwide. Biobanks integrate genotype, electronic health records, and lifestyle data, and is the trend of health science research. In this talk, I discuss opportunities, analytic tools and resources, and challenges presented by large scale biobanks and population-based Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) studies of common and rare genetic variants and EHRs. The discussions are illustrated using ongoing large scale whole genome sequencing studies of the Genome Sequencing Program of the National Human Genome Research Institute and the Trans-Omics Precision Medicine Program from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and the UK Biobank and FinnGen.

Calcul Quebec

Calcul Quebec is offer trainings and lunch lectures in the coming weeks ranging from programing, data analysis, parallel programming and more.
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Atelier sur le nettoyage et l’exploration de données
29-30 Janvier 2020

Cette formation s’adresse à un public large mais est surtout façonnée pour des professionnels de métier ayant un Baccalauréat en Sciences et des connaissances mathématiques. Par exemple des analystes financiers, chercheur·e·s bio-médicaux, ingénieur·e·s et des statisticien·ne·s du gouvernement…
Pré-requis : il est essentiel d’avoir des bases de programmation, préférablement en Python pour pouvoir suivre cette formation.
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Version Control with Git Workshop
Friday, July 19, 2019 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Daniel Stubbs, an advanced research computing (ARC) analyst with Calcul Québec, will present a workshop on version control with Git. The principal objective is to become familiar with version control tools for managing source code. The material and the presentation will be entirely in English; however, participants may pose their questions in either French or English.
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Nonlinear Dynamics in Life Sciences
Date: July 15-19, 2019
The Fields Institute (, in collaboration with the Centre for Applied Mathematics in Bioscience and Medicine (CAMBAM) at McGill University (, will be hosting a joint summer school entitled "Nonlinear Dynamics in Life Sciences" between July 15-19, 2019. The summer school is funded by the Fields Institute and CAMBAM.
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Montreal BrainHack School
August 5th- 30th, 2019.
4-weeks long full-time educational workshop, which will train participants in a range of fundamental tools for neuronal data science, applied at the interface of Neuroscience, Statistical modelling and Computer Science, using a project-based, multidisciplinary approach. The school is an initiative of the group for the union of neuroscience and artificial intelligence in Québec (UNIQUE), and features instructors from four institutions: McGill, Université de Montréal, École Polytechnique and Concordia University.
Location: McGill (week 1), Université de Montréal (week 2), École Polytechnique (week 3) and Concordia University (week 4), Montréal, Canada
Costs:free for partner institutions, 50 CAD otherwise
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Informatics on High Throughput Sequencing Data
2 Days: June 20 - June 21, 2019.
With the introduction of high-throughput sequencing platforms, it is becoming feasible to consider sequencing approaches to address many research projects. However, knowing how to manage and interpret the large volume of sequence data resulting from such technologies is less clear.
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Bioinformatics Data Skills 101
April 18, May 1, 15, June 10, 2019.

A series of four workshops for beginners who want to learn basic bioinformatics tools. For each workshop, attendees will receive, two weeks prior to the event, online material to read before the workshop. The in-class content will be focused on exercises and practical computing.
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Fundamentals in Neuro Data Science
May 6 to 11 2019
Neuroscientists rely increasingly on data accessible online and on data science procedures for their investigations. Data science now offers a key set of tools and methods to efficiently analyse, visualize and interpret neuroscience data. Concurrently, there is a growing concern in the life sciences that many results produced are difficult or even impossible to reproduce. This is referred to as the reproducibility crisis, which concerns most of biomedical fields F. Collin.
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Creating an R Package Workshop
May 27th, 2019. 10am - 5pm.
One of the fundamental roles of a statistician is to create methods to analyze data. This typically involves four components: developing the theory, translating the equations to computer code, a simulation study and a real data analysis.
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HBHL 3-Day Workshop: Machine Learning for the Cognitive Neurosciences Machine Learning for the Cognitive Neurosciences
Date: October 15-17, 2018
Location: Carrefour Sherbrooke, 475 Sherbrooke Street West 2nd Flour Ballroom, Montreal, Quebec.
Cost: Free ( Registration required )
Guest Speakers: Tal Yarkoni, Robb Brown, Hervé Lombaert Karim Jerbi, Team of experts from Compute Canada.
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Speaker: Anshul Kundaje, Dept. of Genetics and Dept. of Computer Science, Stanford University
Title: Deciphering regulatory landscapes using interpretable deep learning models
Time: Friday Sept. 28, 2:30 - 3:30
Room: Trottier 2100
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C3G Analysis Workshop, Module: RNA-Seq
Tuesday, August 21, 2018, at 9:00 AM
Location:688 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC
H3A 0B2, Canada
Instructors from C3G:Roal Dali, Hector Galvez
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Closing the genomic research gap
A Symposium about Inequalities in Genomics Research and Health
(And What To Do About Them)
Venue: McGill University, Montreal (Canada)
Date: June 15-17, 2018
Organizers: Simon Gravel and Mark Lathrop
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Advanced R Workshop on behalf of the human Genetics Students’ Society
Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2018




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