Aerospace Studies at McGill

As one of Canada’s top-ranking universities, with a stellar international reputation, McGill offers students a first-class educational experience.

Montreal’s unique position as one of the world’s foremost aerospace hubs offers great opportunities for students to get involved directly with the aerospace sector. Everything from innovative research projects to practical internships in aerospace engineering are available to students while they complete their studies at McGill. Montreal is also home to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO, a branch of the United Nations), the International Air Transport Association, and the Canadian Space Agency.

Both engineering students, and law students studying at McGill's Institute for Air and Space Law, benefit from being strategically located in one of the world's foremost centres of aerospace engineering innovation and international aviation policy setting.

McGill graduates hold high-level research and executive positions in major aerospace companies and organizations around the world.

With a McGill degree in-hand, you will confidently launch yourself into a career in aerospace engineering, or in aviation and space law.


Aerospace Institutes and programs


Students at McGill are encouraged to apply directly for membership to become part of this Institute. While most of the student members are from McGill's Mechanical Engineering department, McGill undergraduate students from Materials, Electrical and others, with an interest to seek internships within the Montreal Aerospace Institute's industrial partners, are welcome to apply. Selected students will be sent a Welcome letter and asked to abide by the membership terms of reference. For instructions, see the CV template and brochure.

Institute of Air and Space Law

The Institute of Air and Space Law offers graduate and post-graduate program offerings. Please refer to the Institute's website for information.                             

Aeronautical concentration (Undergraduate, Mechanical Engineering)

Students in the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate program may consider taking an aeronautical concentration. All students shall refer to the Departmental Academic Advisor for assistance. For program details, visit the undergraduate website page.                                                                                                   

MEng Aerospace (Mechanical Engineering)

Prospective graduate students may refer to the Mechanical Engineering graduate studies page for information.

School of Continuing Studies

Professional Education

McGill University's School of Continuing Studies has partnered with the McGill Institute for Aerospace Engineering (MIAE), Service du perfectionnement de l'ÉTS and AeroÉTS to offer a new joint professional development program geared towards Aerospace engineers and professionals. For information, visit the program and courses website.

Aviation Management (Graduate-level)

An intensive graduate-level program where applicants must first complete a bachelor degree to meet part of the admission criteria for the diploma or the graduate certificate. For details, visit the School of Continuing Education's website.

Professional Development Courses and Workshops

As part of the Aviation Management program, there are courses, workshops and seminars offered to professionals in the aerospace sector.                                                                                                                

Summer intensive programs & courses

For various continuing studies programs and courses, visit the website for more information.