Aerospace Research at McGill

Robotic Airship (Nahon)

Satellite Formation Flight (Misra)

McGill Institute for Air and Space Law

McGill In situ Tribometer (Chromik)

JUNO Rover with McGill's iRings Wheels (Radziszewski)

Laser-induced Flourescent Measurements (Mydlarski)

Robotic Helicopter (Nahon)

Mechatronic Systems (Kovecses)

Aerospace at McGill takes a multi-disciplinary approach, with more than 40 faculty members drawn from disciplines in electrical and computer, civil, materials, and mechanical engineering, as well as law. They run research programs worth over $20 million in funding, supported by federal, provincial, international, and industrial programs. Key areas include:

  • Aero-acoustics  (Prof Luc Mongeau)

  • Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics  (Evgeny Timofeev, Rabi Baliga, Luca Cortelezzi, Tim Lee, Siva Nadarajah, and Laurent Mydlarski)

  • Aero-icing  (Fred Habashi)

  • Aerospace Coatings and Tribology (Richard Chromik)

  • Aerospace Materials and Alloy Development  (Stephen Yue, Mathieu Brochu, In-ho Jung, and Damiano Pasini)

  • Aircraft Dynamics and Control  (Meyer Nahon)

  • Automation and Manufacturing  (Yaoyao Fiona Zhao)

  • Avionics (Benoit Boulet)

  • Combustion  (Jeff Bergthorson)

  • Composite Materials  (Pascal Hubert, Larry Lessard, and Damiano Pasini)

  • Diagnostics, Prognostics, and Health Monitoring  (Srikar Vengallatore)

  • Environmental: Fuels and Icing  (Fred Habashi, Jeff Bergthorson)

  • International Air and Space Law  (Ram Jakhu)

  • Light Metals Research  (Stephen Yue, Mathieu Brochu, In-ho Jung, and Mihriban Pekguleryuz)

  • MDO: Multidisciplinary, Optimization, Simulation (Michael Kokkolaras and Damiano Pasini)

  • Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)  (Srikar Vengallatore and Mourad El-Gamal)

  • Multiscale Materials Modeling  (Jun Song)

  • Nanomaterials  (Mathieu Brochu)

  • Product Lifecycle Management  (Yaoyao Fiona Zhao)

  • Space Robotics   (Jorge Angeles, Jozsef Kovecses, Inna Sharf)

  • Space Systems   (Arun Misra and Andrew Higgins)


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