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This section of our website includes relevant and/or interesting points from the Senate Meetings from the point of view of the administrative and support staff. Full and detailed official minutes can be found at: Senate Minutes Archives

We are grateful to the Management Forum who have given us space on their website for us to report to you on what takes place at meetings of the McGill Senate that we believe is of interest and relevance to administration and support staff.

Did you know that there are 6 representatives of the non-unionized administrative and support staff on the McGill Senate? We are there to give a voice to your needs and concerns and we raise issues and/or respond to issues that affect us. Even though the role of McGill Senate is to overview academic matters at McGill, that mandate is defined quite broadly.

Examples activities and issues we have worked on - asking questions and expressing our displeasure about the fact that Salary Policy last year did not include an across-the-board cost of living increase - continuing to remind members of the administration that if they are going to increase the number of academics at McGill, then they must also increase the number of administrative and support staff as well not only in the upper administration but also at the departmental level - sitting on various Senate committees representing admin & support staff - holding "Town Hall Meetings" in the Fall of 2002 and 2003


There are 107 members in total made up of mainly students and professors. More details about the McGill Senate can be found here or:

To see who your latest Senate representatives are, see the Administrative and Support Staff section on the Senate website here.

All non-unionized admin & support staff at McGill are divided into 3 Groups as follows:

Group 1: The Faculties of Arts, Education, Law, Management, Music, and Religious Studies; Centre for Continuing Education; and non-faculty administrative and support services reporting to the Provost, the Vice-Principal (Research), the Principal, and the Secretary-General.

Group 2: The Faculties of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Dentistry, Engineering, Medicine, and Science; the University Libraries, and non-faculty administrative and support services reporting to the Deputy Provost.

Group 3: Non-faculty administrative and support services reporting to the Vice-Principals (Administration and Finance) and (Development and Alumni Relations).

Getting elected to Senate

Each representative is elected for a three year term. Each year, usually one or two seats become vacant. Elections are usually held in May. We invite you to consider running for Senate in the future. It's a great way to meet students, professors and administrators from across the wide spectrum of McGill and it is a wonderful way to learn about the machinations of our large and complex institution.

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