The Faculty Development Office, in collaboration with colleagues throughout the McGill Faculty of Medicine, designs and implements faculty-wide and departmental workshops and seminars to improve the skills of faculty members as teachers, researchers and administrators. The workshops are chosen in line with the needs of faculty members.


Moving Up the Academic Ladder: Everything You Wanted to Know About Promotions
MUHC Glen - Bloc E - RI Auditorium - E S1.1129
January 23rd, 2018 from 14h00—17h30
Moving Up the Academic Ladder - Flyer

Leadership Development Program
Centre Mont-Royal, 2200 Mansfield Street
February 19th—22nd, 2018
Deadline to apply is December 15th, 2017
For more information, please visit our LDP page

Leading Change: Thriving, not Just Surviving
CyberMed classroom 208/209, McIntyre Medical Sciences Building
April 10th, 2018 from 8h30—12h00
Leading Change Flyer

The "Struggling" Learner
CyberMed classroom 210/211, McIntyre Medical Sciences Building
May 8th, 2018 from 8h30—12h00
The "Struggling" Learner Flyer


WORKSHOPS - Fall 2017

Conflict Management
Thursday, October 5, 2017 08h30-12h00
CyberMed 208/209, McIntyre Medical Sciences Building
Conflict Management Flyer

Direct Observation and Feedback in a Competency Based Educational Program
October 25th, 2017 from 8h30—12h00
New Residence Hall, 3625 Park Avenue
Direct Observation and Feedback - Flyer


WORKSHOPS - Winter 2017

Moving up the Academic Ladder: Everything You Wanted to Know About Promotion
January 31st, 2017 from 13h30-17h00
Holmes Hall, 3605 de la Montagne
PDF icon Flyer (31-01-17)

Serious Games in Health Professions Education
May 11, 2017 from 12h30-15h45
CyberMed 208/9, McIntyre Medical Building
Brief Description:
Imagine that you are walking into the Restaurant of Serious Games. You are going to work in the kitchen as a sous-chef in order to learn how to create your own Serious Game recipe for use in your clinical teaching as an alternative method for instructing difficult subject matter in a quickly evolving educational landscape.
Please note: this workshop is designed for the pre-software development stage of Serious Game design.
PDF icon Flyer (11-May-17)

Your Teaching Journey at McGill
May 17 & 18, 2017 from 08h30-16h30
New Residence Hall, 3625 avenue du Parc
PDF icon Journey Flyer

WORKSHOPS - Fall 2016

Clincal Assessment in Clerkship: Doing It Better and Making It Easier
September 21, 2016 from 08h30-12h00
CyberMed Classroom 210/11, McIntyre Medical Sciences Building
* This workshop targets faculty members who teach medical students in the clinical setting.
PDF icon Flyer - Clinical Assessment in Clerkship

Orientation Workshop for "New" Faculty
Thomson House, 3650 McTavish Street, Main Ballroom
October 25th, 2016 from 08h00-12h30
PDF icon Flyer - Orientation Workshop for New Faculty

Safety is Everybody's Business: Building Quality from the Ground Up
Glen Teaching Site, Amphitheatre, S1 Block E
November 7, 2016 from 13h30- 17h00
*This workshop is preceded by an Education Grand Rounds with Chris Power, CEO of the Canadian Patient Safety Institure (CPSI) from12h00-13h00. PDF icon Flyer - Chris Power (CPSI)
Flyer - Patient Safety.pdf

Role Modelling: Making the Implicit Explicit
Steinberg Centre for Simulation and Interactive Learning, 3575 Parc, Suite 5640
November 21st, 2016 from 13h00- 16h30
PDF icon Flyer - Role Modelling

Assessment Strategies in Biomedical Courses: Going Beyond Multiple-Choice Questions
December 1, 2016 from 08h30-12h00
CyberMed Classroom 210/11, McIntyre Medical Sciences Building
PDF icon Flyer - Assessment Strategies in Biomedical Courses


**Please note that these workshops are for faculty members of McGill University.