Faculty Development Office

Dr. Michelle Elizov, Associate Dean Faculty Development

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Michelle Elizov to the role of Associate Dean, Faculty Development, effective July 1.

The goals of the Office are to promote excellence in teaching and learning, leadership and management, and research in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University.

Faculty Development Workshops

In collaboration with colleagues throughout the McGill Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty Development Office designs and implements faculty-wide and departmental workshops and seminars to improve the skills of faculty members as teachers, researchers and administrators.

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Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Program is designed for faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University. It is geared towards those for whom leadership forms part of their current or future career trajectory.

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Faculty Honour List

Our 2019-20 winners:
Fanny Hersson-Edery (Family Medicine)
Matthew Hunt (School of Physical & Occupational Therapy)
Heather C. Lambert (School of Physical & Occupational Therapy)
Sender Liberman (Surgery)
Stuart Lubarsky (Neurology & Neurosurgery)
Jean Ouellet (Surgery)
Sophie Vaillancourt (School of Communication Sciences & Disorders)
Isabelle Vedel (Family Medicine)
Kevin Axel Waschke (Medicine)
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Program for New Teachers

Dr. Miriam Boillat and Dr. Marion Dove speaking at the Faculty Development Series for New Faculty.

We have developed a program for new teachers within their first three years of teaching in McGill’s Faculty of Medicine.

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Workshop Collaboration

Faculty Development workshops are facilitated by faculty members who have expertise in medical education. They represent a wide spectrum of health sciences professions, including nursing, physical & occupational therapy, & more.


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Workshops on Role Modelling

Dr. Richard Cruess, former Dean to the Faculty of Medicine, presents at a workshop on 'Role Modelling: Making the Implicit Explicit'.


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We are pleased to announce those named to the 2021-22 Faculty Honour List for Educational Excellence.

Dr. Joanne Alfieri (Oncology)
Dr. Dan Deckelbaum (Surgery)
Prof. Deborah Friedman (Pediatrics & Pediatric Surgery)
Dr. Lisa Marie Münter (Pharmacology & Therapeutics)
Dr. Jadranka Spahija (School of Physical & Occupational Therapy)
Dr. Ning-Zi Sun (Medicine)
Prof. Jodi Tuck (Ingram School of Nursing)
Dr. Meredith E. Young (Inst. of Health Sciences Education)
Dr. Samara Zavalkoff (Pediatrics)

The Symposium to celebrate the honourees is on June 10, 2021 from 16h - 17h30.  Zoom link

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