CQDPCM – Composition of the Scientific Planning Committing (SPC) and Organizing Planning Committee (OPC)

The aim of the CQDPCM code of ethics is to safeguard the integrity of CPD activities from the influence of sponsoring/funding organizations. Accordingly, when developing and planning a CPD activity that will be held in Quebec and will be certified with Mainpro+ credits, ensure to appoint the two (2) following Committees:

The Scientific Planning Committee (SPC): must include a member of the target audience. The SPC cannot include representative(s) of commercial interests (sponsoring/funding organizations). As an independent body, the SPC must ensure compliance with the methodical approach to education and must be responsible for all decisions linked to the CPD activity.

The Organizing Planning Committee (OPC): is responsible for planning, implementing and managing a CPD activity. The OPC may interact with the Scientific Planning Committee, however, must not have decision making authority regarding the content and the selection of resource persons linked to the CPD activity.

SPC and OPC Composition

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