You are  STRONGLY ADVISED  to meet an advisor at the beginning of  EACH  year. This will help avoid any unnecessary complications that may result in a delay of your graduation.

Academic Undergraduate advisors in Mechanical Engineering

For U0 Students  
 ugradchair.mecheng [at] (Professor Tim Lee) ENGMC 211
For U1 Students  
larry.lessard [at] (Professor Larry Lessard) ENGMD 362
For U2 Students  
james.richard.forbes [at] (Professor James Forbes) ENGMD 158
For U3/U4 Students  
changhong.cao [at] (Professor Changhong Cao) ENGMD 372
Exchange and Transfer Students  
ugradcredits.mecheng [at] (Professor Tim Lee) ENGMC 211
For Honors students  
evgeny.timofeev [at] (Professor Evgeny Timofeev) ENGMC 121
Associate Chair of Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Program  
ugradchair.mecheng [at] (Professor Tim Lee) ENGMC 211
Administrative and Student Affairs Coordinator  
ugrad.mecheng [at] (Tina Panaritis) ENGMD 270
For all Faculty Affairs:  

Associate Director:

nancy.lewis [at] (Ms. Nancy Lewis)

Engineering Student Center (MESC)

Frank Dawson Adams Building - Room 22

Email queries to Faculty of Engineering information [at] (Faculty of Engineering)
Email queries to Faculty Advisers [at] (Faculty Advisor)
Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Society  

mame.president [at] (MAME President)

James Peters

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