Rosaire Mongrain

Academic title(s): 

Chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering;

NSERC Chair in Design Engineering for Interdisciplinary Innovation of Medical Technologies

Rosaire Mongrain
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rosaire.mongrain [at]

Ph.D. École Polytechnique of Montreal, Biomedical Engineering
M.Sc. Université de Montréal
B.Sc. Université de Montréal


MECH 393 Design 2: Machine Element Design
MECH 563: Biofluids and Cardiovascular Mechanics

Research areas: 
Selected publications: 
  • Bertrand O.F., Mongrain R., Thorin E., Lehnert S., In-vitro response of human and porcine vascular cells exposed to high dose rate g irradiation, International Journal of Radiation Biology, Vol. 76, No. 7, pp. 999-1007, 2000
  • Tardif J.C., Bertrand O.F., Mongrain R., Lespérance J., Grégoire J., Paiement P. Bonan R., Reliability of Mechanical and Multi-element Designs for Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) in non-Stented and Stented Coronary Arteries: Animal and Clinical Studies, International Journal of Cardiac Imaging, Vol. 16, pp. 365-375, 2000
  • Mongrain R., Kandarpa K. Garon A., Bertrand et Bertrand M., Catheter design and study of mixing processes using numerical simulations, Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing, Vol. 37, No. 1, pp. 64-71, 1999

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Current research: 

Main objective: Study the biomechanics of cardiovascular tissues and design and optimize cardiovascular devices.
Main Equipment: - PIV system for flow visualization, Rheometer for viscoelasticy, Mechanical tester for soft tissue, Modeling software CFX, Matlab, Ansys, Pro-E, Femlab

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Areas of interest: 

Primary Research Theme: Bioengineering
Secondary Research Theme: Design and Manufacturing
My research interests include blood flow modeling in circulatoriy pathologies (stenoses, aneurysms) and the influence of the flow on these diseases, the study of the mechanical properties of vascular tissues (vascular wall and arterial plaques, erythrocytes membrane), the design, development and evaluation of cardiovascular devices (heart pumps, heart valves, stents, catheters) using numerical, experimental and animal models and image processing for medical diagnosis (motion analysis, tissue charactierization).

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