Because of the coronavirus outbreak, some services are limited.  Facility managers have been communicating details to users as reopening plans are slowly put in place.  Please do not assume that you may use any instrument until you have been told that the instrument is available.  Contact the relevant manager if you have any questions.  Please see the MC2 coronavirus page, the Chemistry Department coronavirus page, or the McGill coronavirus webpage for more information.

MC2 managers and support staff

Staff          Support staff


Petr Fiurasek, manager of the Thermal Analysis and Spectroscopy Lab

Petr Fiurasek, Thermal Analysis and Spectroscopy

Office: Otto Maass 100
Lab: Otto Maass 47
Phone: (514) 983-6288
Email: petr.fiurasek [at] (subject: info)

Mohini Ramkaran, manager, Microscopy and Imaging lab

Mohini Ramkaran, Microscopy and Imaging

Office: Otto Maass 21B
Lab: Otto Maass 21A
Phone: (514) 398-6904
Email: milab.chemistry [at]

Nadim Saadé, Manager, Mass Spectrometry lab

Nadim Saadé, Mass Spectrometry

Office: Otto Maass 21 
Lab: Otto Maass 21
Phone: (514) 398-6178
Lab Phone: (514) 398-7445
Email: nadim.saadeh [at]

Robin Stein, Manager, Magnetic Resonance Lab

Robin Stein, Magnetic Resonance

Office: Otto Maass 35B
Lab: Otto Maass 34, 35, 37
Phone: (514) 398-6219
Email: nmr.chemistry [at]

Hatem Titi, manager of the MC2 XRD lab

Hatem Titi, X-Ray Diffraction

Office: Otto Maass 29
Lab: Otto Maass 47, Otto Maass 21
Email: hatem.titi [at]

Violeta Toader, manager of the Materials Characterization Lab

Violeta Toader, Materials Characterization

Office: Otto Maass 430
Lab: Otto Maass 430Otto Maass 21
Phone: (514) 398-8228
Email: violeta.toader [at]

Alex Wahba, manager of the Mass Spectrometry Lab

Alexander Wahba, Mass Spectrometry

Office: Otto Maass 100
Lab: Otto Maass 21
Phone: (514) 398-7326
Email: alexander.wahba [at]

Support staff

Richard Rossi, chief electronics techician, McGill chemistry department

Richard Rossi, Chief Electronics Technician

Electronics Shop: Otto Maass 41
Phone: (514) 398-6218
Email: richard.rossi [at]

Electronics shop website

Weihua Wang, electronics technical, McGill chemistry department

Weihua Wang, Electronics Technician

Electronics Shop: Otto Maass 41
Phone: (514) 398-6218
Email: [at]

Electronics shop website

Jean-Philippe Guay, manager of the machine shop

Jean-Philippe Guay, Shop Coordinator

Office: Otto Maass 41
Email: jean-philippe.guay [at]


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