Acknowledging MC2

Acknowledging MC2

The McGill Chemistry Characterization (MC2) facility provides instrumentation and consulting services in support of research and educational goals. It is always appropriate to acknowledge MC2 and/or its staff in publications or presentations about work done in whole or in part using the facility. Such recognition helps the university’s ability to attract instrumentation grants and encourages greater usage by both internal and external researchers, aiding in our ability to keep our rates low, upgrade instrumentation and maintain staff.

In particular:

  1. Please acknowledge any member of staff who was particularly helpful for your project (co-authorship is appropriate if staff involvement was key to the project)
  2. Please use the logo on any presentation or poster you present

Here are downloadable versions of the official logos for the McGill Chemistry Characterization Facility. The use of the following logos is restricted to users of the MC2 with the specific aim of acknowledging and promoting our infrastructure platform.

MC2 horizontalMC2 vertical

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