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Taylor Owen on the challenges of moderating online content | CBC News

May 15, 2019 | McGill University's Chair of Media, Ethics and Communications Taylor Owen joined CBC's Andrew Nichols to talk about the challenges in tackling online extremism. The technical challenges faced by world leaders and companies are, he says, very intricate and nuanced and require careful scanning and moderating.

Published: 16 May 2019

Debunking carbon tax myths | Financial Post

April 5, 2019 | With the federal carbon tax coming in to the four provinces in Canada, how will it affect small businesses? Is the carbon tax constitutional?  Chris Ragan, economist and director of the Max Bell School of Public Policy debunks certain myths surrounding the federal carbon tax on Financial Post.

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Published: 10 Apr 2019

Regulating Social Media Giants | The Reporter

April 9, 2019 | The Canadian government is now considering to actively regulate social media platforms such as Facebook, given the lack of results from self-regulation. "We better get the democratic governance right if we have any hope of pushing back against the autocratic model," said Taylor Owen, an associate professor at the Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University in Montreal.

Published: 10 Apr 2019

Why are governments slow to regulate social media? | Global News

April 8, 2019 | Social media has been deeply ingrained in our daily lives and with the current spread of hate and misinformation, governments have been slow to regulate social media companies. Taylor Owen from McGill Univeristy, speaks with Global National’s Dawna Friesen on what can and should be done to stop the spread these false information and hate online.

Published: 10 Apr 2019

Introduction of the Federal Carbon Tax | CBC Power & Politics

April 1, 2019 | Chris Ragan, Director of Max Bell School of Public Policy, joined CBC News Power and Politics, to discuss the federal carbon tax. "Carbon pricing is the lowest-cost method that we can use to combat climate change" argues Chris Ragan.

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Published: 5 Apr 2019

There’s probably more consensus on output-based pricing than you think | Canada's Eco-fiscal Commission

March 29, 2019 | "Meeting Canada’s climate targets in a way that is best for our economic prosperity requires broad policy that creates consistent incentives across all emissions in the economy, from individual households and small businesses to heavy industry.

Published: 5 Apr 2019

How Trudeau is faring economically ahead of pre-election budget | BNN Bloomberg

March 18, 2019 | Prior to Canada’s next election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivers his fourth and final budget.

Published: 5 Apr 2019

Debt is a vast, sucking field of muck, and we're all flailing to get out | CBC Opinion

March 19, 2019 | Chris Ragan, Director of the Max Bell School, shares his thoughts with Neil Macdonald, a columnist at CBC Opinion, regarding government debt and the upcoming "fiscal squeeze" as the Canadian population ages. "The Trudeau government's spending has been scattershot and political, rather than strategic; reversing Stepen Harper's decision to raise the retirement age was foolish" says Chris Ragan.

Published: 4 Apr 2019

Federal carbon tax comes into effect | CTV Power Play

April 1, 2019 | Director of the Max Bell School of Public Policy, Christopher Ragan, sat down with Don Martin on Power Play to speak about the Federal Carbon Tax.

"We respond to price changes, but we don't necessarily respond overnight," said Chris Ragan about the carbon tax. "This is a policy and a problem that we need solve over several decades, and this is just the beginning."

Interview starts around 08:40 minute mark. 

Published: 4 Apr 2019

Fiscal responsibility and the federal budget | Breakfast Television Montreal

March 14, 2019 | Director of the Max Bell School of Public Policy, Dr Christopher Ragan, sat down with Breakfast Television Montreal to speak about the new 'fiscally responsible' budget, as proposed by the Finance minister, Morneau.

"The new budget will be fiscally responsible". What does that mean about taxes, debt and spending? Dr. Christopher Ragan explains the new budget proposal and its effects.

Published: 18 Mar 2019

Taylor Owen cited in article about Facebook leak | CBC

Documents leaked to UK journalists reveals a global lobbying operation carried out by Facebook targeting legislators around the world, including in countries like the U.K., United States, Canada, India and Brazil. 

Facebook promised to open a data centre in Canada to create jobs, in exchange for the federal government offering assurances that it would not impose its jurisdiction over the company's non-Canadian data. 

Published: 18 Mar 2019

Populism and Public Policy | Breakfast Television Montreal

The rise of populism has caused major changes in public policy, on both the left and the right. Professor Christoper Ragan, Director of Max Bell School of Public Policy, explores some examples.

How do we define populism? Will it trickle down to Canada and effect the upcoming federal election? Chistoper Ragan explains on the Breakfast Television Montreal. 

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Published: 18 Mar 2019

Better Environmental and Economic Outcomes | The Future Economy

In this interview, Christopher Ragan, Director of Max Bell School of Public Policy and Chair of Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, helps to identify policy options to improve environmental and economic performance in Canada.

Published: 18 Mar 2019

Losing Ground on Carbon Pricing | TVO

Director of the Max Bell School of Public Policy Chris Ragan sat down with TVO'S The Agenda with Steve Palkin to discuss carbon pricing.

Published: 16 Jan 2019

The “AB-QC’s” of equalization payments | Breakfast Television Montreal

Director of the Max Bell School of Public Policy, Chris Ragan, sat down with Breakfast Television Montreal to speak about equalization payments. 

"Equalization payments are inflaming Quebec-Alberta tensions. Dr. Christopher Ragan explains what they are and how they add fuel to the fire."

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Published: 11 Jan 2019



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