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Andrew Potter: Trust, state capacity, and the meaning of ArriveCAN | The Line

November 4, 2022 | "The crisis of state capacity can't be separated from the more general crisis of expertise and the legitimacy of the state and the rule of law." says Andrew Potter. 

Published: 11 Nov 2022

Canada should back the declaration to protect civilians from explosive weapons | The Globe and Mail

October 18, 2022 | In this opinion piece, Simon Bagshaw and Jennifer Welsh comment on the gathering in Dublin held to formally endorse a groundbreaking international political declaration that will set new standards for the protection of civilians from the use of bombs, rockets, artillery and other ex

Published: 8 Nov 2022

Charter may quickly become less relevant: Why Canadians outside of Quebec should watch the elections | CTV News

September 6, 2022 | Professor Pearl Eliadis reflected on the Charter ahead of the Quebec elections and how the two pieces of legislation- and the CAQ's use of the notwithstanding clause to protect from their court challenges- show a "unilateral attempt by the CAQ to change our fundamental Charter and constitutional values," and a "pushing and pulling at the constitution." 

Published: 8 Nov 2022

Researchers explore misinformation during Quebec election campaign | Global News

October 3, 2022 | Researchers from McGill University, including Professor Taylor Owen, have conducted a study into online misinformation and the possible effects on the provincial election campaign and says the findings have implications for the future of our democratic process. 

Published: 8 Nov 2022

Iran on fire: Once again, women are on the vanguard of transformative change | The Conversation

September 26, 2022 | In this article for The Conversation, Professor Vrinda Narain and Fatemeh Sadeghi wrote about Mahsa Amini's death representing a historical moment in Iran and how it highlighted the brutality of the regime towards women and minorities.

Published: 8 Nov 2022

Is democracy doomed? | CBC

September 27, 2022 | Professor Jennifer Welsh joined Nahlah Ayed for a discussion on disinformation and the future of democracy. 

Published: 4 Nov 2022

Curing Canada’s energy paralysis may mean new climate targets, renewed political will | Global News

September 22, 2022 | Director Chris Ragan spoke to Global News about the future of energy sources in Canada and answering the question: Could Canada really be an energy superpower and be a global leader on climate change?

Published: 27 Sep 2022

Chris Ragan on Rebuilding the Canadian economy in the post-Covid era | Government Analytics' The Monthly Podcast

September 12, 2022 | On Government Analytics' The Monthly podcast with host Peter Kent, director Chris Ragan spoke about rebuilding the Canadian economy in the post-Covid era. At the recent Jackson Hole economic policy symposium, Jerome Powell, the head of the US central bank, spent 8-minutes making it abundantly clear he’s g

Published: 21 Sep 2022

Chris Ragan on Bank of Canada expected to raise interest rates | Toronto Star

September 2, 2022 | In response to the possibility of the Bank of Canada raising interest rates next week, Director Christopher Ragan said the central bank is best-suited to take on the responsibility of maintaining low interest rates.

Published: 6 Sep 2022

Andrew Potter: Zelenskyy's mistake was believing Canada was serious | The Line

July 20, 2022 | In this article for The Line, Max Bell School professor Andrew Potter lambastes the Canadian government for allowing gas turbines for the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to be returned to Germany.

Read the article.

Published: 10 Aug 2022

The politics of rage and disinformation — we ignore it at our peril | National Observer

July 18, 2022 | Before joining the Max Bell School's Centre for Media, Technology and Democracy as its Director of Policy & Engagement, Supriya Dwivedi encountered the harmful world of conspiracy theories and misinformation as host of a morning show on a Toronto talk radio station. Learn more about her experience and how it galvanized her to tackle to problem of mis- and disinformation.

Published: 10 Aug 2022

How should Canada tackle harmful online content? Look beyond our borders, experts say | Toronto Star

July 14, 2022 | As a member of the 12-person advisory group convened by the federal government to weigh in on the Liberals' online harms legislation, Max Bell School professor Taylor Owen provided perspective on what lessons can be learned from other countries' legislative efforts.

Published: 10 Aug 2022

Can Quebec pharmacists legally refuse to prescribe the morning-after pill? | CBC News

August 6, 2022 | Recently, in Saguenay, Que., a pharmacist rejected a woman's request to purchase emergency oral contraception, claiming that then morning-after pill did not "align with his values." Human rights lawyer and Max Bell School professor Pearl Eliadis weighs in.

Published: 10 Aug 2022

Curbing Online Harms | CBC Radio

June 20, 2022 | With the Canadian Commission on Democratic Expression's new report hot off the press, Commission co-chair and Max Bell School professor Taylor Owen sat down for an interview with CBC Radio to discuss the recommendations on curbing online harm that he and his colleagues have proposed.

Published: 23 Jun 2022

After a hundred days of war, the West is losing interest in Ukraine | The Line

June 6, 2022 | With Russia's illegal war in Ukraine now well past the hundred day mark, Western interest is waning—despite the fact that Ukraine's people and territorial integrity are far from safe. What does this tell us about the depth of the West's commitment to Ukraine? Andrew Potter comments in this article for the The Line.

Published: 23 Jun 2022



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