Mind the gaps: Integrating Human Rights and sustainable development goals into evaluation practice


Published: 4Jan2021
An image of the cover of the book 'The Realpolitik of Evaluation. Why Demand and Supply Rarely Intersect"

Max Bell School Professor Pearl Eliadis has authored the chapter Mind the Gaps: Integrating Human Rights and Sustainable Development Goals into Evaluation Practice inThe Realpolitik of Evaluation, a recently published book edited by Markus Palenberg an Arne Paulson.

The Realpolitik of Evaluation shines a light on the divergent demands for evaluation. But what explains the "gap" between what those on the "demand" side expect in terms of evaluation results, and the "supply" of information provided by evaluators? Can anything be done to narrow this gap? What works and what does not work?

Examining these questions from both the demand and the supply side, experts describe ten different global examples of the gap between demand and supply of evaluation information in different contexts. In an attempt to bridge that gap, they effectively reveal the biases behind supposedly sources of evaluation information and highlight the pros and cons of attempts to bridge the gap through the use of third parties, enhanced stakeholder involvement, and the incorporation of social science models to strengthen Theories of Change.

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