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A brown gavel
Published: 29 November 2022

November 12, 2022 | Quebec government and the groups opposing Bill 21 are challenging a court decision that largely upheld the controversial religious symbols law. Professor Pearl Eliadis commented on the hearing into the appeal that started this week. She states that the situation is complex with ten separate ongoing appeals, which each group asking for slightly different outcomes like the focus on english language minority rights. She states that it's the first time the Quebec Charter notwithstanding clause and the Canadian Charter not withstanding clause are being used together in a way that wipes out entire groups of rights for entire groups of people. However the usage of these Charter's create a legal argument for the challenging of the court decision. Contrastingly, Pear Eliadis states that the majority of Quebecers agreeing with the Bill has no real place in a court of law and that the argument is a political argument rather than a legal one. 

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