The Case for a Pan-Canadian Teleradiology Network | Policy Magazine

Published: 7 December 2023

December 6, 2023 | This op-ed by recent MPP graduate, Aftab Ahmed, is based on the policy titled “Enhancing Access to Diagnostic Imaging: A Proposal for a Pan-Canadian and Interoperable Teleradiology Network” written by our MPP graduates Aftab Ahmed, Anmol Gupta and Harshini Ramesh. 

This op-ed delves into the potential of expanding and coordinating teleradiology services across Canadian provinces and territories to shorten wait times for diagnostic imaging services like CT scans and MRIs, 

“A proposed pan-Canadian teleradiology network, envisioned as a sort of library of radiologists at the country’s disposal, can facilitate the transmission of medical images across jurisdictions, tapping into areas with available capacity. This system would ensure that if doctors in one jurisdiction are unavailable, it can swiftly identify and engage other qualified doctors to provide assistance. Consequently, patients will receive prompt care, irrespective of their geographic location”

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