WEBINAR: The Success and Failure of Intergovernmental Coordination



Effectively responding to a pandemic like COVID-19 requires two things that may be mutually opposed – on one hand, rapid action and, on the other hand, coordinating governmental responses, as the alternative to coordination may well be an even bigger public health crisis.

Ian Peach will discuss the challenges in coordinating governmental actors at the international, national, sub-national, and local levels, right down to the administrators of individual institutions, in the face of a public health crisis like COVID-19, as well as the breadth of implications of the crisis that must be managed in a coordinated manner. His guest, New Brunswick’s Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, Dominic Cardy, will discuss a real-world example of the challenges involved in acting quickly but in a coordinated way.

Registration for these live webinars is currently being reserved for Max Bell MPP students, faculty, and staff. Recordings of these webinars will be available to the public on a rolling basis. You can access those here.

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Policy Challenges During a Pandemic

Policy Challenges During a Pandemic is a series of webinars and briefing notes addressing policy aspects of the current public health crisis.


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