Taylor Owen on Digital Governance

A Post-COVID-19 Digital Bretton Woods | Project Syndicate

Published: 22Apr2020

April 17, 2020 | The digital age has completely disrupted global governance. Now that COVID-19 has disrupted nearly everything else, it is time to start planning for what comes next, say Max Bell...

Taylor Owen on deepfakes | CBC The National

Published: 14Jan2020

January 7, 2020 | There are serious concerns about how Facebook will police deepfake videos. Max Bell School professor Taylor Owen talks about why these sophisticated videos need editorial oversight.

Reddit AMA with Kevin Newman and Taylor Owen


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Digital Democracy Project

The Digital Democracy Project was a joint initiative led by the Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University and the Ottawa-based Public Policy Forum.

Remarks by Taylor Owen: International Grand Committee on Big Data, Privacy and Democracy

Published: 28May2019

Remarks by Taylor Owen, Beaverbrook Chair in Media, Ethics and Communication and Associate Professor in the Max Bell School of Public Policy at McGill University...

Big Tech’s net loss: How governments can turn anger into action | THE GLOBE AND MAIL

Published: 7Jan2019

Newly appointed Max Bell School of Public Policy professor Taylor Owen wrote a piece for the Globe and Mail on how governments should regulate Big Tech companies. ...

Which Media Can Be Trusted in the Digital Age?

29 Nov 2018

Last June Elon Musk threatened to launch a ratings platform for journalists, eliciting a hostile reaction from journalists and media observers. A typical response held that journalism isn't the...



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