Policy Ideas

Addressing Educational Gender Inequality Through Tech-Ed Solutions in Sierra Leone

28 Jul 2021

How can stakeholders in developing countries leverage innovative technologies to ensure equal access to quality education in remote communities?

Promoting Competition in Property & Casualty Insurance

28 Jul 2021

How can we reduce switching costs for insurance consumers in Canada?

Strategies to Improve the Social Acceptability of Drones

27 Jul 2021

Drones are quickly becoming a part of our lives. What can be done to address barriers to their social acceptability?

Public Policy Options for Noise Pollution Management: A Reflection for Montreal

6 Aug 2020

This Policy Lab executive summary examines the topic of noise pollution management in Montreal. It is authored by the Max Bell School's 2020 MPPs Matis Allali, Sta Kuzviwanza, Janoah Willsie, Aria...



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