Addressing corporate concentration | Event Recap

19 Apr 2024

This event with Robin Shaban, Matthew Holmes and Chris Ragan discussed the Canadian corporate concentration.

Announcing the 2023 Jack Layton Prize Winners

4 Apr 2023

The Max Bell School is thrilled to announce the winners of the second Jack Layton Essay Prize for a Better Canada. This year's winners wrote about policies that should and could be adopted to...

A tale of two bread lines: Rising inflation in a Canadian context

4 Apr 2023

The 2023 Jack Layton Prize for a Better Canada-winning essay by Jimy Beltran and Abigail Jackson outlines critical actions we could take to fight inflation.

Announcing the 2022 Jack Layton Prize Winners

3 May 2022

Anyone who met Jack Layton or was familiar with his powerful speeches knows he had abiding passions—for the urgent need for action on climate change; for an end to violence against women; for...


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